"A Perfect Vintage is a stunningly beautiful, entertaining, and very informative documentary. Whether the viewer is a wine aficionado, a wine enthusiast, or just plain curious, they will be captivated by the passion that some of the most recognizable winemakers in the world have for their craft and the tender loving care they put into every bottle."
A Perfect Vintage marks dancer-turned-director Troy Christian’s sophomore solo effort. It follows a handful of makers, merchants, and others who take audiences through the entire winemaking process. While it might seem like a niche thing that will only appeal to specific audience members, the filmmaker makes it broadly appealing.
With unprecedented access behind the scenes, some of the most renowned California winemakers share how they embrace the rhythms of Mother Nature and captured an epic year of prime winemaking conditions.
The stunning beauty of one of the world’s top wine growing regions, and the most romantic aspect of “terroir” – the complete natural environment – are showcased.
From pruning to pouring, tasting notes to the point system, watch as both winemakers and wine critics discover that 2013 was truly ‘A Perfect Vintage’. 
Vision Films Uncorks Award-Winning Documentary
‘A Perfect Vintage’ For VOD/DVD
Striking cinematography and visually stunning landscapes highlight Troy Christian’s fascinating, engaging, award-winning, educational, in-depth, insightful, 97-minute, 2021 documentary...
Film Threat Publisher Chris Gore and Editor-in-Chief Alan Ng review the weekend's film fare. 
[Interview with Troy Christian starts at 0:57:00]
Fascinating documentary about the winemaking process.
For the “A Perfect Vintage” podcast interview, Troy brought along producers Tom Graves and Timothy Milos, both of whom had huge roles in this superb documentary. We hope you enjoy this fun interview about film, wine and friendship.  Make sure you do not miss this film!
A Perfect Vintage is coming to VOD on March 22. The documentary gives you a backstage pass to escape and watch something beautiful, learn a little something, and see what those in the world of wine know.
... it was not about a particular year, but how winemakers strive to create perfect wine every year and the challenges they have in doing just that.​​​​​​​
With stunning cinematography and upbeat wine personalities, “The Perfect Vintage” is a perfect culinary film and well worth seeking out.
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Question and Answers with the Filmmakers
Troy Christian’s’ “A Perfect Vintage” takes viewers back to 2013, when a confluence of ideal conditions in Napa and Sonoma — weather, land, fruit, talented vintners and arbiters of taste — made for a memorable year
The Sonoma International Film Festival arrives in the heart of Wine Country late March with a slate of more than 100 indies screening online and at select drive-in venues.
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